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Vajazzle Kit B

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  • Manufactured by: Vajazzle Kits
* 3 various x Swarovski Crystal tattoo
* Three alcohol wipes
* Burgundy velvet gift bag

(package may contain varying designs than those shown on display and may include stars, swirls, diamonds, dolphins, lips, moons, feet & hearts)

Wow, gone are the days when Jennifer Love Hewitt was an innocent little teen on ‘Party Of Five’. You can also wave goodbye to the days when “getting ready to go out” involved a bit of lippy and shaving your legs. These days, the rich and famous add bling to their fingers, around their neck and to their erm… private parts.

The not-so-private Love Hewitt revealed details of the new craze to hit Hollywood: Vagazzling. What is it you ask?

Well, imagine girl bits completely covered with little sparkly crystals. Love Hewitt does it… and it looks like it’s going to catch on. She revealed the intimate details in a talk show interview.

"After a breakup a friend of mine Swarovski Crystaled my 'precious lady' and it shined like a disco ball and so I have a whole chapter in there about how women should 'vagazzle' their va-jay-jays."

Is that where Lady Gaga got the term “disco stick”? Is there a glue gun involved? So many questions...

Seriously, the mind boggles. It does however, give a whole new excuse for running late to meetings and events. “I’m so sorry, I had to finish vagazzling my va-jay-jay”.

It will also give rock stars an excuse to wear sunnies in bed. No one wants to be blinded by the harsh glare of their partner’s nether regions. See, we’re all winners.


Vajazzling is the new craze of adorning your vajayjay or body with genuine Swarovski crystals.

We are the largest global supplier of Vajazzle Kits and our genuine Austrian Swarovski Crystals are waterproof, allergy tested and dermatologist approved. The temporary tattoos last for days and the crystals are reusable.

Beauty spas are being inundated with women wanting to be vajazzled and now you can vajazzle yourself from the comfort and privacy of your own home with our affordable Vajazzle Kits!

What is Vajazzling?

Bedazzlin your lady parts with crystals (Vajazzling)

Vajazzling is the art of putting jewels on the upper part of your lady parts after you’ve had a Brazilian wax – aka as “bedazzling your vajayjay”. It has exploded recently in popularity since Jennifer Love Hewitt started promoting her new book “The Day I Shot Cupid” and announced to several talk shows she vajazzles her “precious lady” regularly with Swarovski Crystals.

Only a couple of months later, women and men around the world are following Jennifer’s lead and bedazzling all parts of their body with these beautiful Swarovski Crystals -- see the video here!

Swarovski Crystal Tattoos

Our Swarovski Crystal tattoos are world renowned, Austrian crystals that resemble diamonds. Do not be fooled by simple rhinestones or cheap imitations. The Swarovski Crystals are flat on one side, and are self-adhesive. Completely safe, non-allergenic, and harmless to the skin, Swarovski Crystals tattoos will last for days or weeks but can be easily removed with a little bit of baby oil. The crystals can be reused again and again by putting a spot of eyelash glue on the back and pressing to the skin.

Our genuine temporary Swarovski Crystal tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body such as your earlobes, neck, belly, arms, lower back, pubic region, fingernails and toenails, or anywhere else you desire. Many people also use the crystals to add some sparkle to clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, belts, and cell phones.

How to Vajazzle

Swarovski Crystal tattoos are waterproof and can last 2 to 5 days or more if applied correctly. Follow these instructions to ensure your tattoo lasts as long as possible:

Wax or shave the selected area.

Clean the area with an alcohol wipe and dry off.

Peel the backing from the Swarovski Crystal tattoo ensuring that all the crystals are stuck to the clear sheet.

If any crystals are still stuck to the white backing, firmly repress the tattoo and peel again.

Firmly press the tattoo to your skin with your hand for 10 to 15 seconds to allow the adhesive to heat up.

Gently peel off the clear sheet and apply firm pressure to the crystals to ensure they stick firmly to your skin.

To remove the crystals from your skin, apply a little bit of baby oil and gently peel them off.

The crystals can be reused by applying eyelash glue to the back of a crystal and firmly sticking the crystal to your skin.

  • Manufactured by: Vajazzle Kits

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