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  • Manufactured by: Baby Foot
Newly Introduced Baby Foot Easy Pack "all-in-one" Package

JAPAN Baby Foot Deep Skin Foot Exfoliation Peeling Easy Pack


As Smooth as a Baby Foot

Made in Japan

Contents: Pair of 30ml Foot packs

100% Brand New & Sealed

BABY FOOT Easy Pack is easy with 2 Simple Steps:

Wearing it and Washing it away. It takes only 1 week to remove all dead skin cells from your sole by Surprise! Only One Application makes you experience TENDER & SOFT SOLE like NEWBORN BABY'S.

Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation Kit
Baby Foot Easy Pack is the 2nd generation of the original Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation Kit. Its easier to use, twice as effective and more affordable. Made with a new citrus gel formulation, Baby Foot Easy Pack works like a foot mask.

Put on the socks, soak the foot in the gel (gel contains natural extracts), and wait for 2 hours for gel to absorb into the sole. Meanwhile, you can go about to do your own things. After that, take off the socks and wash feet gently with soap. The dead skin cells start to become dry between 5-7 days and start to peel off naturally for 2-3 weeks. After that, all the foot will become very soft and smooth, just like a babyís

Directions - 3 Easy Steps
Wash & dry feet, place feet in Baby Foot pack & secure with the double sided tape.
Leave on feet for 2 hours and allow the gel to be absorbed into the skin.
Remove pack and wash feet gently with soap.

Water activates Baby Foot. Thoroughly wet your feet each day.
Dead skin will start to peel within 5-7 days.
Start the peeling process by rubbing gently with a cloth or palm of hand.
Do not forcibly remove dead skin when peeling process begins.
Dead skin cells will peel off within 3-4 weeks leaving your feet soft & smooth.

Recommended Frequency - Approximately every 3-4 months
(Extreme cases may require second application within 4-6 weeks from the time of the first treatment)

What Is Baby Foot?
Baby Foot is a natural product formulated to achieve soft smooth supple feet.
Baby Foot contains seventeen kinds of natural plant extracts which have high moisturizing power and astringency.
The sole becomes smooth after peeling because these extracts maintain the grain of the skin and add moisture

Quick & easy treatment for the cracked dry soles of your feet.

About Baby Foot

Increasingly more and more people are having problems with the soles of their feet because feet and legs are often overworked. Baby Foot has been developed to care for the dead skin cells on the bottom of the feet, making it easy to care for and maintain a beautiful foot at home.

A 2 hour application of Baby Foot, just every 3-4 months is all that is necessary.

The skin of the sole is thicker than other areas of skin on the body and therefore old dead skin cells easily accumulate. This occurs because of the load on the skin due to the pressure and friction of weight or exercise.

Baby Foot penetrates into the layer of dead skin cells and works on the desmosomes between the skin layers, enabling easy peeling. The dead skin peels off due to metabolism and friction which occurs every day.

In addition, Baby Foot contains 17 types of natural extracts with a high moisturizing power. After peeling, the sole of the foot is reborn just like a babyís. Baby Foot is a total foot care product not only for peeling but also for maintaining a healthy foot.

Baby Foot is distributed world wide having 12 years experience and are the number one foot care product in Japan.

How do I use Baby Foot?
Daily wet your feet thoroughly. While feet are wet, rub them with your hands to commence peeling.

Can I use Baby Foot when Tinea or psoriasis is present?
Baby Foot may be applied where foot skin conditions such as tinea are present. Baby Foot assists in the management of both of these conditions.

I want to try Baby Foot but I am going to take part in a sports game. Can I still use it?
Playing intense sport is not recommended immediately after using Baby Foot, because the layer of dead skin cells is more susceptible to peeling and the under layer of skin is quite sensitive.

Do I need to use Baby Foot every day for two weeks?
No, only one application is necessary, which involves a two hour soaking time. It may take 5-10 days for peeling to start and this process will be complete after two weeks (result may vary between individuals).

My heel is very rough. Is it ok to use Baby Foot?
Baby Foot is widely used by people who experience a dry and rough sole or old dead skin cells on their heel. If you have cuts and cracks, the lotion may cause stinging. We recommend a patch test first.

Do I wash the foot after soaking?
Yes, remove the plastic socks after the two hours of soaking is complete, then wash feet carefully. Daily, wet your feet thoroughly. It is not necessary to soak your fee, showering is adequate.

Do I need to stay seated while I am using Baby Foot?
As long as the foot is soaking in the lotion, limited walking is permitted. Watch for dripping or leaking lotion.

After using Baby Foot, the dryness of the sole really bothered me. Can I use some moisturizing care?
Yes, use an alcohol free moisturizer, we recommend avoiding the use of moisturizers during the peeling time. If you are concerned by the dryness, use a low stimulus lotion or gel free of alcohol or oil.

It has been one week since I used Baby Foot, but no dead skin cells have peeled off. How long do they take to peel off?
Peeling usually starts after 1-2 weeks and is complete after two weeks. Results vary however and in some cases peeling occurs between 10 to 14 days. During the 7-10 day period after using Baby Foot, ensure your feet are thoroughly wet on a daily basis. Whilst your feet are wet, rub them with your hand to commence the peeling process.


I followed the instructions exactly but a crack appeared after eight days and then disappeared. Now it has been three weeks since I tried Baby Foot and it seems to have no effect. My dead skin cells are probably too thick. If I use it again, will it have any effect?
Yes. If you didnít see any results, we recommend you to try it again after a two week interval. Extreme cases may require 2-3 applications before settling down to a quarterly application period. Results may vary between individuals.


Limit walking around whilst using Baby Foot
Do not allow contact with your eyes (If gel comes into contact -rinse eyes thoroughly with saline or water and consult your doctor)
Do not expose to extremely high temperatures
Do not use near naked flame
Keep out of reach of children
Avoid use on skin which is predisposed to allergies or if you have sensitive skin
Discontinue use if swelling, itchiness, inflammation or other skin symptoms occur
Consult your doctor if the symptoms persists

  • Manufactured by: Baby Foot

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